Our Oyster

Slow growing, cold water, Atlantic oyster, farmed in a salt water cove on Georgetown Island.


Twice a day the flood tide refreshes their palates with salty cold water rushing into the head of the cove from the Atlantic — and twice a day the ebb tide washes over them with an abundance of nutrients drawn from the warmer shallow waters of the food factory marsh at the cove’ bottom.

Our oysters live closer to the marsh end, giving them a distinctively sweet taste.

For both oysters and their farmers, life is good on the Hood.

We fly our oysters same day as harvest to your home or restaurant, via FedEx and Oyster Commons


 Our Farm

Your fence, on one side at least, shuts out no neighbor – you may climb it and keep going if you have a boat and the strength to raise a sail.
— E.B. White "Salt Water Farm"

Eros is a true salt water farm – we live with our oysters on Robinhood Cove, Georgetown Island, Maine

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 Our Family

The farm for boys to grow up on is one where seagulls bring the dawn.
— Robert P. Tristram Coffin

Three generations work the farm.


 Our Customers

We truck direct-to-chef throughout Maine


We ship direct-to-chef (and you) most anywhere.